4 Sessions Not to Miss at IRCE 2015

IRCE 2015 is just days away (June 2-5, Chicago), and not only will HubLogix will be exhibiting – be sure to stop by booth 569 to meet the team – we’re particularly looking forward to connecting IRCE 2015with the thousands of Merchants, Distributors, and Manufacturers that we are helping automate today.

IRCE also brings together 200+ expert speakers representing all areas of e-commerce. Based on the agenda’s session titles, it looks like the topics of automation, integrations, fulfillment, and growth are going to be prevalent.  Being focused on the connections of the eCommerce “back-end” ourselves – between carts, marketplaces, distributors, warehouses, companies and technologies – here’s a few of the sessions on the top of our ‘most anticipated’ list this year:

Graduating to Automated Fulfillment: Along the Growth Path, When—And At What Cost
Speakers: Jeff Hedges (President – OPEX Material Handling) & Stacie Sefton (Chief Executive Officer – BHFO)
“The rate of e-commerce sales growth is unpredictable, yet fulfillment operations are capital- and labor-intensive fixed costs. At the same time, shoppers’ expectations of fast delivery and easy returns are rising. At what point does it makes sense to move to an automated warehouse or distribution center, especially for small to mid-size retailers that must watch every expenditure? In this session, you’ll learn how growing e-retailers can add automation elements to fulfillment in ways that boost throughput and lower costs without breaking the bank.”

Outsourcing vs. In-House Fulfillment – What it Takes to Win
Speakers: Mike Manzione (Chief Operating Officer – Rakuten Super Logistics) & Jon Elliot (Co-Founder/Partner – A3 Merchandise)
“Outsourcing order fulfillment is one of the biggest leaps of faith an e-commerce company can take. Placing inventory and shipments in the hands of someone else as opposed to keeping it in-house can be a difficult choice to make, but its impact on a company’s growth can be great.”

The Grass Is Never Greener on the Other Side of a Technology Integration
Speaker: Scott Cohn (Vice President, E-Commerce – Chinese Laundry)
“Whether the reason is maximizing the life of a legacy system, budget concerns or management changes, businesses often find themselves piecing together disparate retail management platforms. Whatever makes splintering software among two or more platforms seem attractive at first is quickly overshadowed by compatibility issues that result in all sorts of customer facing headaches—like pricing errors, out-of-stocks and hours wasted chasing down data.”

David vs. Goliath: Technology for Leveling the Playing Field for Small to Mid-Sized Retailers
Speakers: Nicholas Macco (Founder – Southtree) & Andrew Scarbrough (Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer – Delegator)
“Large retailers can afford the technology that helps them grow exponentially. Smaller retailers struggle with such investments. But that doesn’t mean small retailers have to struggle with second-rate technology. A slew of free and low-cost technology exists that can help smaller retailers thrive—if they know where to look for these tools.”

And a bonus session (because it’s always fun to see a successful client on stage):

Advertising on Amazon
Speaker: Corey Frons (Chief Executive Officer – BulbAmerica)
“Corey Frons has implemented various e-commerce and marketing technologies that have placed his company on the Inc. 500 list for the past three years, making BulbAmerica one of Americas fastest-growing companies. He has built a reputation for helping organizations and senior executive teams understand the impact of the web and digital marketing technologies for their existing and future business. Corey has helped identify, create and execute transformational e-commerce strategies and organizational changes in multichannel environments.”

What sessions are you most excited about? Let us know on twitter @hublogix