Event News: Shopify Merchant Holiday Bazaar

On December 12th, our team joined forces with District Hall and Swell Rewards to host the first ever Shopify Merchant Holiday Bazaar. The event took place in the Seaport District of Boston, which was a great setting for bringing together people that are passionate about innovating online retail. The idea for this event was born while I was talking with a Shopify merchant who was based in Boston.  While chatting, I realized what a special opportunity it is to meet the merchants behind a budding online brand. In many cities, we are always talking about buying locally, but one does not usually consider that ecommerce merchants are an important part of the local economy.

Shopify merchants are a diverse bunch and we were fortunate to have the involvement of more than a dozen from the Boston area. Each offered something unique, but I wanted to highlight a few that example the uniqueness of the community.

Angelo Igitego: This is a great brand story exampling the partnership between Anthony, a US-based entrepreneur and Angelo, a Rwandan-based entrepreneur who together developed a really unique line of bow ties. There is an interview on the Style Podcast that fully explains their story which I highly recommend. Their bow ties are really great for formal and casual occasions.

Pavlok: If you are like me and have more than one impulsive habit to break, you will love the Pavlok. Here in Boston, the best change you have for a cure is a very expensive visit to the Mad Russian. For about $200, Pavlok offers a wearable technology that zaps your wrist whenever you are going at a habit you are trying to quit. The technology is a little imperfect, but it works and they have an awesome 6 month money-back guarantee.

Sailormade: Taking trendy friendship bracelets to a whole new level is what Sailormade is all about. It took about 10 seconds for me to fall for the Contender Rope Bracelet, which thus far has worked out to be a very well crafted accessory. When I first saw their products, I immediately thought of summers in Newport, Rhode Island. It was quickly pointed out that the vision for this line of products has close ties to the beaches and shoreline towns of New England.

For three hours, about 100 members of the Boston community sipped wine and mingled among the fifteen merchants that participated in our inaugural bazaar. Proving the success, I know of more than a few people that enjoyed holiday gifts sourced from this event. Hopefully we can plan a little further ahead and have a larger event next year!

P.S. Three cheers for the merchants that helped support this event. they are listed on this page.