How We Partnered to Help Grow a Retailers Business by 300%

HubLogix loves helping retail customers grow their online business – something we do every day. One way to grow online business is by working through distributors that fulfill products on the retailers behalf, commonly known as drop shippers. We also work closely with partners like ChannelAdvisor to make it easier for customers to automate their workflow with distributors around the world. ChannelAdvisor and HubLogix go well together because our connectivity is complimentary, allowing our customers to maximize efficiency so they can focus on marketing and selling products.

Working with ChannelAdvisor and our mutual customer Woodbury Outfitters, we developed a clear before and after analysis that explains how HubLogix and ChannelAdvisor partnered to help Woodbury grow their online business by about 300% and increase product selection by 400%. The results are a perfect example of how we deliver meaningful returns to online retailers every day.

Read more about how we worked with Woodbury Outfitters and ChannelAdvisor, here.