Webinar: Solutions to Scale Logistics and Increase Profitability

HubLogix and 71lbs are the focus of this weeks webinar hosted by ChannelAdvisor. Join us as we talk about how to grow business using HubLogix to automate inventory and ordering processes with vitrually and fulfillment point or drop-shipper. This briefing will include an overview of several vertical markets where we are able to offer button tight integrations from automotivee, powersports, consumer electronics and sporting goods. In addition, we have great support for a growing list of third-party logistics providers.

Joining us on this weeks webinar will be 71lbs. If your looking for ways to find profit hidden under the rocks of shipping delays and similar logistics mishaps, the team at 71lbs has a solution to automate the hunt for those lost profits. No need to call John Walsh when 71lbs is on the case!

Follow the link to sign up.

Post game, the webinar will be posted here.