Reduce fulfillment complexity with automation based on your business logic.

Whether it’s your fulfillment centers, dropshippers or warehouses, every distributor has its own format and process for receiving orders. This makes order routing and order management tedious, if not manual.  Optimizing for factors such as location, product costs, shipping costs, and more creates additional complexities to navigate.

HubLogix will generate and automatically send purchase orders in any format, to any distributor in your supply chain, based on your business logic.

 Perfectly split, route, format and send orders to all your vendors, every time.

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Create correctly formatted purchase orders
for any vendor
Split orders according
to business logic
Route purchase orders through
email, FTP, XML and EDI

Explore How Hublogix Works

Generate and Send Purchase Orders in Any Format

Automatically generate purchase orders (PO’s) in the correct format every single time. This can be as simple as sending an email notification containing the order details, or as advanced as a custom API:

  • Generate purchase orders in any flat-file format (CSV, TXT, etc.), PDF, XML, API and plain-text email notification.
  • Generate custom, branded PDF packing slips.
  • Route formatted purchase orders via email attachment, FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, API, XML or EDI.
  • Custom vendor integrations available such as API, XML, EDI or other web services.

Batch Order Flexibility and Control

Have greater control of your purchase orders by putting them into an easy-to-review queue. Batch orders at regular intervals or by certain cutoff times.

  • Ability to edit purchase order details like quantity and SKU before sending to the vendor.
  • Schedule purchase orders to go out once per day at a cutoff time or at regular intervals: e.g., every 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, etc.
  • Correct order mistakes made by shoppers by canceling and generating new purchase orders.

A Smarter Order Routing System

The HubLogix platform intelligently builds and routes purchase orders based on availability, cost and priority. Here’s how:

  • HubLogix automatically can select the lowest-cost, in-stock vendor to receive the PO.
  • Split line items and/or consolidate orders based on your priorities.
  • Prevent orders from routing to vendors that are out of stock. If a single vendor cannot fulfill all line items or lacks sufficient quantity, HubLogix finds the inventory at another vendor.

Vendor Accountability via Accurate, Real-time Fulfillment Logs

Fulfillment logs show you exactly when purchase orders were sent and make it easy to resend if necessary. View the status of purchase orders and automatically resolve exception errors on your vendor’s servers. Keep your vendors in check — our tools are very handy when your vendor claims they did not receive orders, but you can prove exactly when you sent them.

  • Easily resend aging or unacknowledged orders based on your up-to-the minute fulfillment logs.
  • Recognizes temporary vendor delivery errors and automatically resends purchase orders until successful delivery.

Centralized Order Management Dashboard

When selling through multiple storefronts and using multiple vendors, it’s difficult to gain a singular view of your business.

  • Capture your entire order history from multiple shopping carts, channels and marketplaces, and store them in a single, searchable database.
  • Order status at your fingertips through your ability to search and sort orders by customer, email address, order number and more, providing comprehensive oversight so you always know if an order needs your attention.
  • Monitor your margins and keep tabs on all your order and product costs. HubLogix tracks your cost of goods sold, shipping, credit card fees and sales tax for each order.