Efficiently mark orders that have shipped
— and know when they haven’t.

Nothing irritates your customers more than uncertainty about their shipment status, and uncertainty creates customer support calls.

You need a solution that will identify when vendors have shipped (or not shipped), then push that information to the store and relay that information back to your customers, accurately and automatically.

Retrieve shipment tracking numbers and post updates to all storefronts and marketplaces in real time.

shipment-tracking-status-nopad shipment-tracking-delayed-payment-nopad shipment-tracking-notifications-nopad
Full visibility of shipment statuses for your orders, across all storefronts and marketplaces Delayed payment capture
until shipment confirmation
Improved service through
faster customer notification

Explore How Hublogix Works

Fetch Shipment Tracking Numbers From Any Vendor, in Any Format

Automatically mark orders as shipped after your distributor successfully fulfills them, and then publish tracking numbers to your shopping carts as soon as they’re available to you.

Just like with inventory data, HubLogix can pull in shipment tracking data in a variety of formats from any vendor:

  • Compatible with any flat-file or spreadsheet formats (CSV, TXT, XLS/Excel, etc.)
  • Automatic fetching via remote feeds (FTP, SFTP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Email attachments and manual uploads supported
  • Custom API/XML/EDI integrations
  • Near-real time shipment tracking updates
  • Automated alerts for failed fetches or data format changes

Accurately Match Shipments Against Orders to Eliminate Discrepancy

HubLogix reliably ensures updating accuracy by using shopping-cart-issued order numbers to match against tracking number updates from vendors:

  • Matches order IDs between your online storefronts and your vendors, carriers and third party applications
  • Pulls in the relevant carrier-provided shipment tracking numbers based on order ID

Capture Payments, Close Orders and Notify Customers – Automatically

Sophisticated retailers understand the value of confirming the existence of inventory before capturing payment. They also realize the most important place to send a tracking number is your customer’s inbox. HubLogix makes it possible to:

  • Automatically capture outstanding payments through your storefronts as soon as HubLogix fetches shipment-tracking numbers for an order.
  • Instantly update the order status to “Shipped” in your web store once a tracking number has been detected.
  • Trigger your storefronts to send customers a shipment confirmation email once tracking numbers have been detected.

Handle Multi-Vendor Fulfillment and Partial Shipments with Grace

Modern eCommerce has made shipping a nightmare. The HubLogix platform is built to tackle that complexity, making multi-vendor fulfillment scenarios, partial shipments and inconsistent vendor response times a problem of the past.

  • Tracks line items and updates their shipment statuses individually.
  • Monitors individual line item statuses and marks order “complete” once all items have been fulfilled.
  • Ensures shipment quantity accuracy by identifying when vendors have shipped a line item in full.
  • Sends multiple customer notification emails as line items are fulfilled.

Visibility into Aging Shipments and Vendor Accountability

HubLogix lets you see when your vendors aren’t shipping. With HubLogix, you have easy visibility into aging orders to ensure none fall through the cracks.

  • Comprehensive visibility into your shipment queue to see which orders are awaiting shipment, partially fulfilled, backordered, cancelled, etc.
  • Notify vendors of unfulfilled purchase orders that need to be shipped.