HubLogix connects retailer with supplier partners to automate the order process.

Brick and mortar based business have limited inventory by design. We know from working with a number of large online retailers that supplier based fulfillment is a critical component of expanding selection without adding shelf space. HubLogix offers solutions that make it easier to engage supplier partners to automate inventory update, order routing and shipment update. Of course, many suppliers are still doing things with email and phone, we have solutions for them, too.

Our flexible, cloud-based platform automates the entire eCommerce order lifecycle – inventory management, order routing, shipment tracking and more – to scale and manage the complexities of any fulfillment scenario without the high costs of custom software implementation.




Manual oversight for large-scale order routing

Order management is a completely manual process. You first need to determine on an individual line item basis whether to split an order before tackling which routing permutation can fulfill the order according to availability, cost per item and location.


Automated order management

HubLogix eliminates the need to manage orders because it can automatically determine the circumstances in which line items need to be split. The platform includes built-in business logic rules, which accurately route orders no matter the size of your fulfillment network.

Complex fulfillment scenarios

Sourcing and keeping inventory from multiple locations creates inconsistency. Each location contains different SKUs, inventory quantities, naming conventions and shipment frequency.


Sync inventory and tracking with any fulfillment location

HubLogix integrates with any vendor – a fulfillment center, dropshipper, brick-and-mortar store or your own warehouse – through a variety of communication methods such as email, FTP, XML, etc. HubLogix consolidates inventory and tracking numbers from these multiple sources and can work with a variety of naming conventions such as SKU, MPN, UPC, etc.

Your supply chain is in constant flux

You are constantly adding and deleting new dropshippers, fulfillment centers or physical retail locations to your business. Each change in your vendors, distribution centers and suppliers causes integration complexities you don’t have time for.


Rapid integration capabilities

Integrate to your current warehouse management system or to those of your vendors using built-in communication methods such as email, FTP, API and more. Need customization? We can do it faster, cheaper and smarter than anyone else in the industry.

Managing multi-channel inventory

Your sales occur via multiple online storefronts and marketplaces as well as at your physical retail locations. Inventory quantities change rapidly and the inventory management solutions used in each channel don’t account for the sales made through other channels.


Multi-channel inventory automation

HubLogix constantly monitors inventory levels across all your storefronts so when a sale is made on one of your shopping carts, the inventory quantity in all your other storefronts is adjusted to reflect the purchase. HubLogix also checks your entire fulfillment network for inventory updates in near-real time to maintain inventory integrity on all your storefronts.

Growing your business might destroy your margins

You want to work with a new fulfillment or dropship partner to address your regional or global demands. However, the operational costs of making sure that these new nodes in your fulfillment network integrate with your current warehouses or physical retail locations keep you from moving forward.


Total management of your eCommerce backend

Streamline your order lifecycle with a complete backend automation platform. HubLogix will rapidly address the pains of today and scale to address the challenges of the future.