HubLogix provides reliable integration’s with leading dropship distributors around the world.

Selling product through dropship fulfillment distributors is a highly competitive business. If your technology partner cannot ensure highly reliable inventory and order routing, stock outs will hurt customer satisfaction and ultimately sales. HubLogix platform was engineered to provide a highly reliable experience for retailers that are serious about scaling their business. HubLogix has helped hundreds of retailers expand product assortment and increase sales by providing fast connections to fulfillment partners everywhere.

Our flexible, cloud-based platform offers some of the most advanced features that competing platforms are still trying to figure out. If you want to scale successfully, choose a leader in ecommerce fulfillment automation.




You don't own your own inventory

You’re at the mercy of vendors for reliable and accurate inventory updates – backorders, discontinued products, out-of-stocks, etc. are standard operating procedure.


Powerful and real-time warehouse visibility

Inventory levels and shipment tracking numbers from multiple dropship partners are automatically updated to all your storefronts in real time. Our platform also recognizes discontinued products, order statuses and more. Sell with total confidence.

Your supply chain is in constant flux

In a competitive environment, it’s necessary to add and change dropshippers. Every attempt to improve and expand your product offering is fraught with integration complexities you don’t have time for.


Rapid integration capabilities

Work with any dropshipper using built-in communication methods such as email, FTP, API and more. Need customization? We can do it faster, cheaper and smarter than anyone else in the industry.

Sending purchase orders to the right vendor

It’s downright maddening to determine which vendor to select for availability, pricing, location – let alone splitting orders across multiple vendors.


Automated order management

Our platform contains continuously improving logic-based order routing rules that handle scenarios involving split orders, cost-based routing, location routing and more.

Multiple vendors = multiple problems

Every dropshipper or distributor does it their own way: multiple formats, files and processes. You must conform to their different feeds and decode the jargon — such as UPCs, SKUs, MPNs — to run your business.


Normalize vendor data

All the formatting is done for you automatically. HubLogix normalizes vendor data (SKU, MPC, UPN, etc.) and can simultaneously communicate through multiple methods (email, FTP, etc.)

Growing your business might destroy your margins

The complexity of working with multiple dropshippers eliminates your already tight margins. Adding new dropshippers to your network is risky because you increase the chances of unprofitably routing orders, sending backorders and adding overhead to manage operations.


One platform to manage your eCommerce backend

Streamline your order lifecycle with a complete backend automation platform. HubLogix will rapidly address the pains of today and scale to address the challenges of the future.