HubLogix integrates with leading third-party logistics (3PL’s) to automate ecommerce order fulfillment.

For brands and retailers alike, selling online is becoming increasingly complex. Customer expectations are high and they are getting more demanding. HubLogix is highly experienced with helping online retailers connect their ecommerce platforms to third-party fulfillment around the world to fully automate inventory and ordering so our customers can focus on marketing and selling.

Need help identifying the right 3PL partner to support your online business? Ask us for help, we have relationships will fulfillment points all over the globe that take the pain out of everything of fulfillment to customer support.

Our flexible, cloud-based platform offer some of the most advanced features that competing platforms are still trying to figure out. If you want to scale successfully, choose HubLogix!




Formatting purchase orders takes hours

Your fulfillment centers have exacting specifications for their purchase orders – new columns, naming conventions, communication methods, etc. Any failure to comply means delayed shipment or worse, a surcharge fee.


Automated order management

HubLogix supports numerous communication methods such as email, FTP, API, etc. The platform can also generate and send custom-formatted PDF, plain-text email, CSV and XML purchase order files. If you need additional customization, we will do it for your faster, cheaper and smarter than anyone else in the industry.

The expensive cost of integration

One-time custom development to integrate your storefronts to your fulfillment centers can take months, require thousands of dollars in IT costs and quickly become outdated as your supplier network expands and changes.


Fast, flexible, inexpensive integration

HubLogix is an agnostic platform that can rapidly connect your storefronts and marketplaces to your new fulfillment providers. Because our platform is pre-built with the functionality to handle any communication method and file format, adding or changing your fulfillment partners can be done without additional cost.

Poor visibility on order statuses

You won’t know the overall fulfillment status of your orders until you receive that long list of shipment tracking numbers and manually update each order status across your multiple storefronts.


Order status visibility for you and your customers

HubLogix’s Fulfillment Log feature keeps a record of all the purchase orders sent and automatically marks orders “shipped” in your storefronts as soon as a tracking number has arrived.

Managing multi-channel inventory

By the time you receive, format and upload the inventory update spreadsheet from your fulfillment center to your storefronts and marketplaces, you have outdated inventory data, which doesn’t reflect the sales and/or out-of-stocks that have occurred in the interim.


Multi-channel inventory automation

HubLogix constantly monitors inventory levels across all your storefronts. When a sale is made on one of your storefronts, HubLogix automatically adjusts the stock quantity in your other storefronts to reflect the purchase. HubLogix will also retrieve inventory quantities from your fulfillment center as often as every 15 minutes.

Expansion is painful

You want to work with a new fulfillment partner to address your regional or global demands, but you’re stalled by the complexity. The efforts of keeping up with cumbersome formats and specifications, the high cost of custom integration with untested fulfillment partners and the additional overhead to manage your operations make growth unappealing.


One platform to manage your eCommerce backend

Streamline your order lifecycle with a complete backend automation platform. HubLogix will rapidly address the pains of today and scale to address the challenges of the future.