ChannelAdvisor Acquires HubLogix

Automate Inventory and Order Processes for Shopify

Managing inventory and order fulfillment for your growing ecommerce store can be very time consuming without automation. HubLogix provides a reliable and sophisticated solution for Shopify customers that fully automates inventory and cost updates, order routing, and shipment status at a high frequency. Using HubLogix with Shopify allows customers to spend more time on marketing and selling and less time on technical and logistical challenges presented by onmi-channel fulfillment.

When customers combine the power and ease of Shopify with the automation of HubLogix, sales grow from better visibility to available inventory and end customers are happier because shipments are delivered more quickly.

HubLogix and Shopify have enjoyed a long partnership and share a large base of customers so you can trust our solutions are a winning combination for your business.

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Full automation, not just simplification

Automate for multiple fulfillment and distribution scenarios. This Shopify integration goes beyond point solutions to provide comprehensive automation for inventory management, order routing and shipment tracking.

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Any marketplace, any vendor

Complete automation that remains current to your needs. Easily integrate Shopify and your other web stores and marketplaces to any dropshipper or distribution partner. Maintain speed and flexibility as you grow.

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Efficient, effective performance-based pricing

Make an investment in your business, not a down payment on software. HubLogix’s pricing is straightforward, value-driven and determined by your use of the platform. Solve today’s problems without compromising scalability for tomorrow.

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